Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the matching work?

There are two ways of matching: Active matching and passive matching.

Active matching:
For every user who has activated the matching and uses a pro account LoveCode will try to find a match approx. once every 36 hours.

Passive matching:
This is the waiting for matches through other users that are using active matching. It can be used with free and pro accounts as long as you have activated the matching. The probabilty to find matches with passive matching is less than finding matches using active matching.

2. Why are there no pictures?

Because LoveCode tries to use another approach than conventional dating apps. With LoveCode we try to match the character first because it is really important for long term relationships. Of course different characters can fit together but we think in some points it is important to have a similar opinion. But nevertheless you can exchange pictures with the people you have a match because finding the other person attractive is significant for a relationship.

3. What is the philosophy of LoveCode?

With LoveCode we would like to create a counterpart to most of the create dating apps and focus on them, that you can really find a suitable partner. That is why LoveCode also focuses on Relationships were formed. However, with LoveCode. of course also find new acquaintances, friends or more.
At LoveCode, we're also putting a great value on transparency and fairness. We will never sell your data to third parties and try to get along without disturbing advertising. The Furthermore, we want to ensure that the pricing model that still allows the financing of LoveCode. For your money you should but then in any case you will have the opportunity to find a perfect partner. Because that was and is always the goal: A dating app with which you can really find its perfect counterpart without that you're getting ripped off.

4. Why am I not getting matches even though I have a Pro Account (Active Matching)?

At the moment LoveCode is still in a very early stage, so we can't assure you that we find a fitting match for you every 36 hours. This is simply because we don't have enough users yet to regularly find matches for you that really suit you. We hope you can understand these reasons and appreciate your understanding.