Fully automated matching

After creating your profile and answering the questions you do not need to take any further action! The matching for LoveCode is fully automated. That means LoveCode is always looking for matches for you and will notify you as soon as there is a match. You can do some other stuff and enjoy you time will LoveCode is doing the work.

25 scientifically evaluated questions

For the matching process LoveCode uses 25 questions that you need to answer in the beginning. The questions will try to find out who you are, what you like and what you do not like. The questions will generate your unique LoveCode (that colored box) that will be used to find people that are fitting your lifestyle. If you reach a certain similarity you will be matched and you can immediately start chatting!

Character first!

LoveCode uses a different approach than conventional dating apps and therefore does not rely on photos. Instead the matching is based on you character and lifestyly and not only on the looks of people. Today the appearance is often valued to much instead that people find out who the really are. Of course you can later exchange photos with your matches because we do not deny that finding the other person attractive plays also and important role for relationships. But especially for long term relationships the matching of compatible personalities is really important!